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Want a chance to win a hardcover of Griggumlund 

Then play Brian's Big Brain Lyrics Game. 

Brian's Big Brain Lyrics Game is a music trivia game I created for super smart people who like to smirk at purple prose. 


Here's how it works.  I post some purpled-up lyrics. You guess the song title and artist. For example, if I said the purpled-up lyrics were “Glitter, glitter, tiny heavenly body. I ruminate on your potential definition.” You would say, "That’s Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" by (for the sake of argument) Jane Taylor. 

Easy, right?


Here's the current lyric:

Question #22  


“The aged man with the leveled protein filament saunters toward us with a reserved, yet almost musical physicality.”

Do you know the answer? I bet you do. Take a minute, or an hour, or a day. You'll get it.  

Email me your answer to the question above (including both song title and artist). If you get it right, you'll be entered into my monthly drawing for a giveaway of a hardcover of Griggumlund or a $25 Amazon gift card.  

If you get it wrong, you're free to guess again. 


Oh, and you should subscribe to my email list. Because you can't be considered for the drawing until you're a subscriber.

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