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Music by Jacob Holm Lupo's The Opium Cartel (Flicker Girl from Night Blooms)

Cover illustration by Conrad Keely

In a magical realm where humans are forbidden, one boy is an unlikely conduit to formidable power that can end—or save—a divided kingdom.


To honor his little sister’s memory, fourteen-year-old Jamie Thompson embarks on a quest to the fabled land of Griggumlund, where the throne has been stolen by the history-erasing Gaulish Meid and his army of beguiled followers. In four days, Meid will be unjustly blessed by the Old Man in the Sky and use his new gift to solidify his tyrannical reign—if Jamie, and Princess Elaurelyn of Griggumlund, can’t stop him. 


As Jamie battles toward Meid’s castle with Elaurelyn’s soldiers, it becomes clear that he possesses a forgotten ability so great that it rivals Meid’s. And his sudden presence has everyone, including Jamie himself, desperate to determine if he’s there to help save Griggumlund—or if he’s the End Magician who will destroy them all. 

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