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BBBLG Archive

The following questions have already been answered, and no longer qualify for a chance at a giveaway, but feel free to email me your guesses anyway, if you're itching to know if you got them right:


Question #1  

“It is hard to discern if this is proper existence or a dream-world of my own creation. As the tumbling earth traps me in its descent, I remain tethered to my previously ingrained communally accepted perception of space-time.” 

Question #2 

“This group is no longer going to accept what we are being offered! That’s a negative! This group is no longer going to accept what we are being offered! This group is no longer going to accept what we are being offered, from this moment into the future!”

Question #3 

“A woman with no uncertainty about the worth of things with reflective qualities has been identified. Additionally, she has chosen to demonstrate her purchasing power by acquiring a connected series of treads and risers designed for ether ascension.”

Question #4

“It has been exactly two decades since the three point-down chevron-bearer completed his tutelage responsibilities.”

Question #5

“May I have your attention please? I do not approve of your current infatuation.”

Question #6

“May I have your attention please? Remove yourself from this liquid droplet mass.”

Question #7

“Diety, I relinquish to you my maneuvering responsibilities.”

Question #8

“I need a driver to LAX, someone who can assist me in boarding. With great expediency, please, as my cognitive abilities are in danger! My digits are malfunctioning, as is my mind. I remain distressed.”

Question #9

“There’s safety in darkness. Distract us while we’re present. My ignorance is spreading.”

Question #10

“We’re together. We’re not together. Either way, I’m a dead man.”

Question #11

“I will end the revolution of Gaia. We will fade.” 

Question #12

“My intuition is coming back. The illusion will catch fire. Silently, humbly, I emerge.” 

Question #13

“Additionally, the sheep rests on New York's most musical thoroughfare.”

Question #14

“The shaking ground begins it. Fowls, serpents, an upward thrusting glider. Leonard Alfred Schneider shows no fear.” 

Question #15

“I defiantly challenge you to attempt the highest level attack you can muster against me.” 

Question #16

“Arise, arise. Manipulate your bristle tool. Apply your daily mask.”

Question #17

“He displayed a weak demeanor, but the king of the felidae emerged, with fangs, and sunk into the guardian’s bosom. I marvel that this slipped my mind.”

Question #18

“Remember all that I am for eternity. Solitarily will I display my choreography. Let this be understood.”

Question #19

“The brainchild of Tom Wilson manipulated the luthier’s handiwork.”

Question #20

“My one-handed digit’s worth of external stimulus perceivers are operating beyond the previously communicated schedule.” 

Question #21

“Despite the maiden’s paternal accusation, the XY tot cometh not from these loins.”

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